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Selling textbooks online a great way to make some extra cash, and there are several ways to do it. Since students are always looking to save money on college expenses, many of them are willing to buy books. This creates a stable market, and you can sell textbooks directly to students or to established websites. Use our tool above to sell your books back. If you decide not to sell your books after you finish the checkout process at one of our partnering sites, no worries! Just don't put them in the mail and all will be well.

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College textbooks are always high in demand, but certain textbooks will have more market longevity than others. These books are used over and over by multiple universities, so they have more value than other textbooks that are only used once or twice. The two most popular methods to sell books online include buyback sites and direct selling to customers.

Sell Textbooks to Buyback Sites (like ours!)

When you sell textbooks online, you are entering into an existing marketplace, so it is a good idea to learn how it works. Read articles about people who have had good experiences, but stay open to stories that involve bad experiences as well. You might learn something important about the process, and it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than to make them all yourself.

When researching buyback platforms

...keep a list of each site that buys books. If you use Excel, you can create charts for each important feature of the site, and this will help you compare them in the future. Make a list of keywords to help you find out about all of your options. One site may have an open buyback program, for example, but their rules may be slightly different than those of a site that buys only college books. Some universities have an existing buyback program for students and alumni.

Direct Selling

To compare the price you can expect to receive, always create a list of potential buyers. Research the price of the textbook before deciding how much you want to receive. This is also the best method for determining what price to charge direct buyers. However, if you are selling directly to customers, you may have to adjust the pricing to cover your overhead costs.

1. Locate the ISBN Number: This number is normally located on the front pages of the textbook. It contains all of the information about the book that is relevant to the buyer. If you cannot locate this number, you may be unable to sell the book to certain buyers.

2. Obtain a List of Sites: Stay organized during your research. There are many sites with buying programs, but you do not want to get their rules mixed up.

3. Use "Fullfillment by Amazon": If you want to sell your books but you don't want to deal with the pain of holding onto them and you are willing to pay a bit for Amazon to deal with that, using this service provided by is a good idea.

Sell Books Online

In addition to textbooks, there are many people who look for non-educational cheap used books as well. These books can be from different genres and in different physical conditions, but the price should reflect the condition of the book. Marketing strategies for selling these kinds of books are diverse, and social media platforms may be useful for some people; however, it is important to remain within the bounds of acceptable practice when using social media to promote anything. No one wants to be seen as a spammer.

Shipping Costs

When you sell books online, one major potential drawback involves the shipping charges. If you sell directly to customers, you could be completely responsible for shipping costs. In this situation, your prices need to be adjusted to cover this expense, or the shipping charges may eat into your profits. However, if you are selling to a company, you will not have the leverage necessary to include shipping into the price of the books.

Conducting proper research

...can help you make good decisions about the price you can expect to receive. Each method of selling books online has both benefits and drawbacks. Keep in mind that your objective is to connect people with an item that they already want, so avoid the trap of using unrelated marketing tactics to reach an uninterested audience. You will have the best luck when you are able to provide these books at a reasonable price to an existing market that is already interested in making a purchase.