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SlugBooks is the first textbook search engine for Canadians.

College is expensive - why make it even more expensive? SlugBooks compares the prices of the major marketplace sites that sell to Canada. Whether your book comes from, AbeBooks, or a digital site like Boundless, you can be sure that you'll get the best price.

Speedy Delivery

Delivery to Canada is not an issue with SlugBooks. Our search engine matches you to Canadian sellers first, and we also feature several digital options (which means instant access). Get your books and get them fast!

SlugBooks Studios

Our team is busy creating cartoon videos for university audiences when textbook season is over. We hire the most talented scripters, speakers and animators that attend colleges all around the world (our lead animator actually lives in Toronto!). Our two pilot miniseries, DORMS and SUITE SISTERS, follow the adventures of two pairs of oommates through their freshmen years of college. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

SlugBooks Comics
Our comics will make you laugh or cry.

Read our comics, which shed light on the joys and sorrows of the college experience. All of the work is licensed under Creative Commons (BY-NC)! If you enjoy reading, and you're an aspiring comic artist, contact us! We'd love to feature your work.