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The SlugBooks student exchange allows you to list books for sale right alongside online options, for free! We let our users do this for a few reasons. First of all - most student exchange websites on the internet are inherently broken, because a seller can list their book for whatever they want, and buyers will have to trust that this is a reasonable price even if other marketplaces or exchanges are selling the book for less. On SlugBooks, the seller's price is listed alongside the largest internet sellers - if the price is not fair or competitive, buyers will not contact the seller.

So why would a student seller list their book on SlugBooks, if the internet prices are just going to force them to charge less? Easy. When a buyer sees all of the prices listed in a row and the exchange price looks the most competitive, the buyer develops instant trust that your listing is the one they want to buy.

What if I need to sell my book immediately? Not tomorrow, not next week - RIGHT NOW!! We have a few suggestions. First, try comparing our buyback providers (just like we compare purchase, rental and digital options when students are buying books, we also compare selling/buyback providers when college students are looking to sell. The fastest way to sell a book is to list it on Amazon. Amazon's the largest provider of textbooks on the internet, and it's driven by students like you listing their books for sale. If you list your book on Amazon at a competitive price anywhere near the start of the semester, chances are you won't be waiting long until the textbook has sold.