College Resource Guide

Here are some resources we've compiled over the years to help get you through college - check them out!

  • College Cooking Guide - this recipe list will help you prepare cheap, healthy and quickly prepared meals. While living in the dorms, or off-campus afterward, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare affordable healthy meals. Our guide will help.
  • Survive Freshman Year - if you want to survive your freshmen year, this is a must-have infographic. We'll tell you everything you need to know, from figuring out how to deal with a difficult roommate, to figuring out the best way to increase your grades (this isn't high school anymore!).
  • Optimize College Sleep - college is a time when many undergraduates explore their interests, often at the cost of a full nights' rest. Read this infographic to understand the costs of skipping on sleep, and set up the ideal personalized sleeping schedule.
  • Earning a Scholarship - everyone needs more money to pay for school. Our scholarship infographic will help you learn the in's and out's of applying for free money! There are so many scholarships every year that go unclaimed. Make sure that you are getting all of the scholarship money that you possibly can.