Complete Perspective Course: Comprising the Elementary and Advanced Stages of Perspective, the Projection of Shadows and

Complete Perspective Course: Comprising the Elementary and Advanced Stages of Perspective, the Projection of Shadows and

by J. Humphrey Spanton
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About The Book

From the PREFACE. THE Author, in introducing this work to the public, feels that, notwithstanding the many books on the subject already existing, there is still room for one that comprises the whole course of Perspective treated in a comprehensive manner, with the allied subjects of Projection of Shadows and Reflections. The Art of Perspective is one in which the Author has had many years’ experience, both as a teacher as well as in its practical application; he consequently feels that he is not unqualified to deal with this subject in all its branches. The design of the work is to provide information on Perspective to every class; to those who require the rudiments of the subject, as well as to those who desire a complete course of instruction. There are many students desirous of obtaining sufficient knowledge of Perspective to enable them to sketch correctly, and to test the accuracy of their drawings, but at the same time with a strong aversion to plodding through a series of dry problems to obtain this information. To meet the requirements of this class of students, the whole subject has been explained in the form of an introduction in simple language, with illustrations from familiar objects—the elementary portion in Chapter II.; and the more advanced part of the subject in Chapter IX. If these chapters are carefully studied, they will impart sufficient knowledge of the principles of the subject to enable them to utilise the laws of perspective. Those, on the other hand, who require a thorough course will find it in Chapters II.-XI. Another portion of the work is devoted to the practical application of perspective, and this the Author hopes will be found useful to Artists as well as to Students. The greater part of this information is the outcome of experience gained during many years of professional work; and it includes Aerial Perspective, Chapter XIII; Perspective Hints for Artists, Chapter XIV.; Perspective for Architects and Engineers, with the use of the Centrolinead, Chapter XV.; and Photographic Perspective, introducing a method for correcting the exaggerated perspective of photographs, Chapter XVI….


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